Thursday, October 18, 2012

Exterior Makeover

Since the day Brian and I moved into this house, we've wanted to paint the exterior brick. It wasn't that we didn't like the way the house looked in its original state, we just wanted a change.  It's been a while since we've done a big project at the house...........and we forgot about THE ATTITUDES that come with a project!!!!  And so the arguing began.

house when we moved in, not that bad, just needs a little updating

I had the colors in mind that I thought would look good, so I picked up some chips at the paint store after doing lots of research on pinterest.

Then I got some samples and tested them out on the mancave

Brian told me beforehand that he really didn't care what colors.....then he came home and saw this.

Brian: Oh wow....were you really thinking about painting the house white, I don't like that
Callie: You told me you didn't care, besides these aren't white they are cream.
Brian: What is this turquoise color, where is that going....ext. ext. ext....... 
You can image how this conversation went on.  So I started panicking and called in the Paint Guru.  aka Debbie, the lady with the magic van.

Debbie came to the rescue and pointed out to me that no other house in my neighborhood was painted this light and that it might look weird for there to all the sudden be a random white cream house.  She said it's important to stay consistent with the rest of your neighborhood. Good point Debbie.

So we started over.

Here is Debbie's magic assistant, Tyler (my bff), painting color options on the house.  We did this for 3 HOURS.  Every color turned a different color when it actually got on the house and we were sooo confused of what to do.  Then it got dark and Brian had to hold a spot light up so we could pick one.  It was kinda comical.

The next day at lunch we ran by the house to see what was going on.

Here is the back of the house after the tinted primer had been put on.  We were please so we told them to keep going! scary! ekkkkkkk!

Here it is during the process.  I was really hoping the neighbors didn't think we were keeping that horrible red roof! I kinda wanted to put a sign in the yard that said "NEW ROOF COMING NEXT WEEK" just so everyone wouldn't think we were crazy.  ps, our yard looks can thank Hooch for that.

and here it is now!!!!!!

New roof, new paint...basically a new house!

What a difference!!!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Showering Baby Laney

A lot has happened since I last posted no I didn't have a baby.  Most importantly, my niece Laney was born! She came three weeks  early on September 26 and is ABSOLUTELY PERFECT.

I'm basically obsessed with her.  I text my brother about every hour asking for a picture.

One of my favorite pics, Ashley and Laney.
I'd planned to have a shower for Ashley the first weekend in October and what an unexpected treat to have Laney join us there!  I had everything planned out just how I wanted it, but my mom was a little skeptical that we could pull it off since we were making all the food Greta was sweating, she didn't think I could do it.

My cousin, Katie, is a super talented baker so of course I had her make the chevron cake!  It was so good.

Laney and her Great Grandmothers

Katie's son Charlie....PRECIOUS

The kids table

this is what happened when we tried to take a picture

cousins with babies
Welcome to the world Laney!

What's Hooch up to you ask?

ohhhhh nothing much!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

He's Back!

HOOCH IS BACK!!! After his 4 months of "college" he finally graduated and headed home.  We went to pick him up two weeks ago and we were a little afraid that he wouldn't remember us.  I was also afraid that he was going to be HUGE.  But look at that smile......he definitely remembered us! And he isn't as big as we thought he'd be which is great for me.

We have enjoyed having him back so much.  He is hilarious and keeps us entertained.  I bought him this little stuffed dog and he is obsessed with it.  It's so funny.  He carries it around with him everywhere.  We call it his baby.

We took him down to the lake the other night to see how good he could retrieve in the water.  I got some really great shots of him.

 Here's Hooch chillin on the dock with his buds, Tux and Sadie....just living the life.

What is going on at the house??? WE FINALLY GOT SHOE MOLDING!!!!! after almost a year which a half inch gap between the baseboards and the floor, it's finally closed up! Feeling a little more complete now.